Small Group Fitness Classes


Our main claim to fame at 44 are our small group fitness classes. One of the biggest hurdles a new person faces when joining a gym is what program to follow? What equipment do I use? What days should I go on?

Our talented trainers handle all of the guest work for you! All you need to do is show up!

Do you want to drop some extra weight? Improve your flexibility? Become stronger? Or just learn to live a healthier and happy lifestyle?

Either way – we are here to help you change your life!

In each 60 minute class you will work with a variety of equipment and methods chosen to keep not only your body moving and sweating, but your mind engaged as well.

You’ll use a variety of equipment like kettlebells (we have master level kettlebell instruction!), battle ropes, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics, traditional weights and bodybuilding movements, cardio equipment, yoga, and much more.

Each days workout is separated into one or more body parts focusing on getting you into the best shape of your life! Our trainers are able to modify each exercise based on skill level, age, and ability so EVERY CLIENT will get an amazing work out and be able to reach all of their health and fitness goals.

We keep our class sizes small – that way EVERY client gets the attention they need and you’ll never feel lost in the pack.


“David is a great trainer. Can modify my workout based on my limitations so I get a great workout. Always mixing up the workout continually making it challenging & FUN. The clients are fabulous & encourage each other!! Great place with amazing trainers & clients!”


“David is an awesome trainer. He really cares about the people he trains. He gives variations when needed based on your fitness level or needs. He makes sure you are doing things the correct way to avoid injuries. Anyone of any fitness level can benefit from working with him.”


“Amazing, fun and supportive environment to work on your fitness goals and nutrition! I have been training here since 2009 and have completely rebuilt my body and eating habits. I have lost 75 pounds, and maintained that loss for over 2 years now!”


Try 7 days, unlimited classes, absolutely free!