Five Easy Food Resolutions You Can Start Today

We all want to lose a little more weight or drop a pant size or two. Many times it’s not the huge changes that have the longest lasting effects, but the small subtle changes. Things that we can do each and every day that over the course of weeks and months add up to mean big poundage.
Below is a list of five simple things that we all can do to help meet our diet goals… starting today!
1.Eat more veggies. I love eating vegetables. Why? Well, depending on the veggie they can have all kinds of health benefits, giving your more vitamins, fiber to help move stuff along and lowering chance of heart attack and stroke. A key reason is the veggies make you feel full! Eating more veggies with every meal will leave you feeling fuller and reduce your cravings for other bad foods and snacks. Face it, veggies are baller.
2. If it’s white, avoid it. This isn’t always true, but it’s a good general rule. Supplement sweet potatoes for white potatoes. White pasta with whole grain, white rice with brown, and drop the white bread for any number of different brown bread varieties. Less carbs, more fiber, and will fill you up more.  Booya.
3. Change your coffee. Do you find yourself hitting the coffee shop every morning and getting whatever the seasonal drink of the month is? These drinks can have huge calories and sugar content. Try switching to a black coffee; you’ll get the same caffeine boost without all the extra sugar and additives. You’ll also save yourself a few bucks.
4.Greek yogurt – eat it! You still eating normal yogurt? That is CRAZY – GET ON MY LEVEL. Greek yogurt is just all around the superior yogurt. Way more protein, way less sugar, what’s not to love? Go with the plain variety and add a little bit of raw fruit or honey if you want to add flavor.
5.Water and more water. You most likely don’t drink enough water. Even people that think they drink a lot of water don’t drink that much. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is a key strategy. Make sure it’s filled at all times, and just keep sip, sip, sipping away. It’s gonna save you some dollars from buying expensive bottled waters and you shouldn’t have a problem refilling throughout the day.
So there ya have it – five little things that can have a big impact on your health and waistline that you can start right now.  So what are ya waiting for?

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