The 12 day Shake Off the Blues Tool Box – Day 1 Vitamin D

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Give ‘em the (vitamin) D

Vitamin D has become something more and more people are supplementing their dietary intake with recently. Beyond the fact that decreasing levels of vitamin D can have VERY noticeable positive effects when it comes to mood, we have tons of studies showing it’s varying health benefits:

Uno – Vitamin D aids weight loss

One study showed that vitamin D-izzle was a hunger suppressant which as anyone who knows about changing up their diet can be a huge benefit.

Dos – Vitamin D is a disease fighter

Studies have show that vitamin d-reezy can help reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and even help your chances of avoiding the flu. NICE.

Tres – Vitamin D fights depression

This is one of the biggest reasons I personally take it. Studies are beginning to show that vitamin D-uder can help combat anxiety as well as combating the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

You feel like you are getting frumpy and moody and sad during the winter months when you’re not able to get outside? Maybe it’s time to look up… the D.

How much should I take?

Opinions vary on this, and as always you should consult your physician before starting any new supplement. But common opinion suggests starting with 400–800 IU/day (with some studies even recommending up to 4000 IU a day) and seeing how you feel from there.

Good luck!