The 12 day Shake Off the Blues Tool Box – Day 2 Learn to love the Shaker Bottle

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Learn to love the Shaker Bottle

I no longer use anything BUT bright yellow shaker bottles. At home. At work. At the gym. Everything I drink is literally out of one of these guys. I take it every where – I find that if I have access to water I’ll drink it, so anywhere I go, it goes.

Recommended amounts of water vary, but in general you are looking at:

  • 131 oz for men (or about 4.5 shaker bottles)
  • 95 oz for women (or about 3.5 shaker bottles)

Health benefits from drinking all this water? Almost too many to list and we are getting to the point now that increasing water intake (along with better oral care and sleep) are some of the first things prescribed when folks are feeling down.

  • -aids in delivering oxygen throughout the body
  • -helps protect and cushion sensitive tissue (think your brain and spinal cord)
  • -it can help maintain healthy blood pressure
  • -it can help prevent kidney damage
  • -and speaking of kidney damage it can help combat the effects of a hangover

The list can really just keep going and going, but those are some of the biggies.

I drink SO much more than that, probably double or triple – a big part of that is because I ALWAYS have access to my “bah-bah” (shaker bottle slang at our house).

It has a top on it, so no (or less if you are a wildperson) spills and less dishes because I’m not using extra cups at home.

  • Save money from washing less dishes.
  • Drink more water so you are healthy.
  • Basically never thirsty.
  • No spills (unless you are going crazy)

Seems like a no brainer to me?